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Stainless Magentic

There is substantial clinical evidence that magnets effectively treat many ailments. What are Magnets ? Magnets can be naturally occurring such as lodestone, a material used in the first ''magnet therapy.' Lodestone is the common name for a magnetic variety of Magnetite, an iron wide compound, which is abundant and widespread on the earth. Some elements when in contact with magnets become magnetized, such as iron-containing compounds. This is how the first man made magnets were created. Since early magnets, other elements more potent in their ability to carry and retain magnetism (scientifically, termed saturation magnetization and coercivity) have been found, such as the rare earth minerals, neodymium (Nd) and dysprosium (Dy) among them. Static magnet strengths vary widely, but most used in therapeutic devices range from about 1,000 gauss to 2,500 gauss, sometimes in multiples of these. (Just to compare - the magnetic field at the earth's surface is about .5 gauss. The body's magnetic field is one billionth of a gauss. A refrigerator magnet measure about 200 gauss.) Almost all magnets have a north and south pole. Polarity does have significance (See below) About Magnet Therapy; its Uses and Applications Every living cell is sensitive to magnetic fields. Magnetic therapy has been practiced for centuries by Eastern Cultures to balance the body's subtle life forces, or ch'i. Ancient Greeks knew healing effects of lodestone. Recent research shows that more powerful magnets have greater desired effects. Magnetic therapy is a rapidly growing a field. It has been lauded as simple and safe therapy. Many famous athletes have publicly endorsed magnets for pain relief, and healing. A magnetic field penetrates every single cell being exposed to the field. This in turn influences the ions within the cell to enhance ion exchange that will improve the oxygen utilization of the cell. This is important for the healing and regeneration process. Applied to all parts of the body to: Alleviate pain or stiffness related to sports activities like tennis or golf -Increase Circulation, transport more oxygen Relief from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome Healthy endocrine system Nerve regeneration and pain blockage Many believe that magnets aid in treating subclinical symptoms such as sleeplessness, depression, fatigue, and other ailments POLARITY Polarity is an important aspect in applying magnets. Think of it as, South Pole stimulates, and North Pole calms. Applying the. right one will benefit most, using the other won't hurt you. Studies done using alternating polarity showed that the ebb and flow of ions created an increase in circulation. Earliest research established that the south pole stimulates plant growth, animal behavior, and biological activity, while the north pole calms these unctions. North pole will retard growth of bacteria, reduce swelling, pain, inflammation, and increase the alkalinity of a solution. SOUTH POLE Stimulates all forms of life Increases protein activity Softens & Expands capfflary canals Helps production of red blood cells Increases glandular activity Disperses body fluids Vaso Dilates Increases digestion Makes water more acid NORTH POLE Decreases pain Decreases Protein Activity Decreases calcium ions Decreases inflammation Decreases glandular activity Decreases Organ activity Vaso constricts Reduces cholesterol build up Makes water more alkaline