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We have been in manufacturing and selling medical alert products for over 30 years and our medical alert products are recognized by paramedics throughout the world. We are indorsed by all the major medical associations. Our menís medical alert products are designed to be luxurious and high fashion in style and not look like medical alert products.. All of medical products are manufactured to high standards so as to last for many years to come that is why we can give a lifetime warrantee. Medical alert products come in several metals stainless steel, gold tone, titanium .sterling silver, plat-silver, and solid gold. All of the finer medical alert bracelets and pendants below are available with three styles of caduceusís and with Diamonds and Rubies. Our warrantee covers, brakeage, refinishing to look like new, free engraving for the lifetime of medical alert bracelet should your medical condition change. All medical alert products come with free engraving and sized to fit your wrist. Our medical alert bracelets are designed to look like fine jewelry yet alert paramedics or other officials of your medical condition.