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Imagine a situation where you are unable to communicate your medical history! Medic ID's medical alert jewelry lets people know your medical problems and can save your life. We asked the paramedics and they all agree that whatever your problem is, it is important to let people know about it.

Medic ID's, engraved with the wearer's personal medical problem or history, speak for the wearer when the wearer can't. Doctors, nurses and paramedics agree that it is vitally important that they be aware of any medical problems a person may have. Jewelry engraved with this information and worn on the wrist or around the neck fills this need day and night, wherever the wearer goes and whatever he or she does.

So why don't more people wear medical ID's? In most cases, because they don't like the way they look. They are often unattractive and cheaply made. We offer you a beautifully designed and crafted medical ID bracelet or pendant of 14KT gold or silver. Medic ID's can supply you with elegant pieces of jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear.

Medic ID manufactures and markets a line of medical alert bracelets and pendants, sturdily and beautifully crafted to last long. They are available in all 14KT gold, goldfilled, sterling silver or goldtone with the raised cut-out caduceus in gold. All links on the bracelets are soldered closed and a special finished background on each piece of jewelry allows the engraving to stand out clearly.

A comparison between Medic ID's products and Medic Alerts: Medic ID's come in a full line of medical alert bracelets and pendants in GOLDTONE, STERLING SILVER, GOLD-FILLED 14KT, 18KT yellow and white gold. Medic Alert® makes their products in limited number of basic styles in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold-filled and 14KT solid gold, titanium and sports vinyl. Medic ID's prices include engraving and complete products (not chain and plate separate). Medic Alert prices include the engraving chain and plate in their basic styles, on their designer line the chain and plates are separate. Medic ID's products come with lifetime unconditional warranty except the gold tone bracelet which is one year for:

1. Free engraving. 2. Free repair. 3. Free refinishing 4. Full purchase price credit toward upgrading to a better product. 5. Free sizing of bracelet smaller and small fee for larger. Lifetime warranty Except for loss.

Medic Alert® has no lifetime warranty, only a limited one year warranty and charges for repair and engraving out of warranty products. Medic ID's does not provide a call in service nor do we charge a yearly membership fee but can engrave information from other services on our product. Medic Alert® provides a 24 hour call collect information service available to law enforcement and and medical personal  and charges a yearly fee for maintaining this service. Medic ID's products all hand crafted high quality product and are made to order. Medic Alert® products are mass produced, except for the designer line, and machine made and then hand assembled . Medic ID's products are available in retail pharmacies, healthcare stores, diabetic stores , fine jewelry stores as will as over the internet and mail order all over. Medic Alert® is available through mail, fax, phone, or internet only. Both Medic Alert® and Medic ID's are endorsed by major medical foundations: Medic Alert makes a product and provides a 24 hour call in service. Medic ID's provides a high fashion and quality Medical ID Alert product's with a full lifetime warranty.